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How to Look & Feel Great This Summer

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Beach trips, barbeques, vacations, warm weather. There’s no doubt summer brings plenty of fun and exciting activities. As the weather warms and summer activities ensue, we want to make sure you’re looking as good on the outside as you are feeling on the inside. In this blog, we review the top 5 tips for looking and feeling great this summer!

1. Always Wear Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is the most important step in your skincare routine. Not only does sunscreen help reduce the risk of skin cancer but it also limits signs of premature aging. 

Exposing our skin to the UVA and UVB rays causes our skin to react by producing melanin to protect itself and as a result, the skin appears tan. However, over time, the UV light damages the skin on a deep level, breaking down the elastin and collagen which causes our skin to lose its ability to bounce back and we see wrinkles, sagging skin as a result. Prevention is the best way to combat this. We recommend applying your favorite sunscreen every day and as needed while in the sun.. 

2. Combat Hyperpigmentation & Premature Aging with Laser Therapy


Did you know hyperpigmentation affects over 5 million Americans? While common, it can take a toll on confidence. The good news is it can be treated and – over time, reversed with laser therapy. Laser therapy works by, “breaking up the epidermal pigment while addressing the deeper, dermal melanin and vascular components of melasma.”

Another popular reason for laser therapy is to help reverse fine lines and wrinkles. Similar to treating hyperpigmentation, laser therapy delivers microcurrents deep into the epidermal layers of the skin triggering collagen and blood vessels, which in turn reduces lines and wrinkles.

Laser therapy can benefit so many skin concerns, but it takes time to see the full impact. If you’re interested in trying laser therapy, please book a consultation and we’ll formulate a personalized routine just for you.

3. Achieve Your Goals With A Personalized Weight Loss Program

Resolutions aren’t just for the new year. Now is a great time to take the first step to achieving your weight loss goals with a personalized program. Fad diets and restrictive eating only lead to temporary results and take a toll on your metabolism. Our 12-week program helps kickstart your weight loss journey for a healthy lifestyle and long-term success.

4. Target Stubborn Problem Areas With CoolSculpting

If you work out, eat well but still have areas that are holding onto fat, CoolSculpting may be for you! It’s a completely non-invasive way to target and actually remove fat cells. That’s right, after your sessions, your body will actually metabolize the fat cells in the treated area, leaving you with a slender, more defined physique. Patients have seen between 20-40% reduction in fat after just one treatment session.

Some of the most popular areas for CoolSculpting are targeting stubborn belly fat, double chin, bra bulge, fat around the thighs and arms, love handles, and the area right under the buttock often called the banana roll. Since it’s non-invasive you don’t need to plan for downtime. Simply come in for your treatment and continue with your day!

“So I decided to get CoolSculpting done at this clinic and I’m very happy with the results. I love that they have third party financing at no interest rate, I really like the staff and the NP.” – Chris F

5. Take Care of Your Hair

Being out in the sun, wind and water causes your hair to become dry and brittle. Exposure to the elements can disrupt the scalp’s protective oils and cellular structure and may trigger the production of a compound called superoxide that may cause hair follicles to switch from the growth phase to the shedding phase, which may increase the chances of hair loss. Hair loss can take a toll on our mental well-being – and with so many products marketed as hair growth supplements, it’s hard to understand what is actually effective at hair re-growth. At Care Access, we understand that hair loss can impact our confidence and even our social activities. This summer, make the change and try PRP Hair Therapy. PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma is a form of regenerative therapy that helps kick start the hair follicles that aren’t producing hair. It stimulates those resting follicles and helps them start producing hair again.

Achieve your goals and feel great this summer and beyond. At Care Access Clinic, we serve patients in Babylon, New York, and greater Suffolk and Nassau counties. If you’re curious about these services and want to learn more, we welcome you to call us at (631) 482-9880 or schedule a consultation online.

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