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Unexpected Benefits of Laser Therapy


More technological advances are used in the healthcare sector in the modern age. One such advance is the use of lasers to aid aesthetic purposes.

Lasers today can be used safely for various treatments and have more benefits than you think. Are you wondering where to begin your laser therapy journey? Continue reading to learn if laser therapy may be the right choice for you.

What is Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy utilizes specific and regulated light wavelengths for many aspects of healthcare, from treating debilitating pain to facilitating aesthetic changes. It activates our body’s natural healing processes and increases blood flow and tissue repair in targeted areas. 

The FDA first approved the use of lasers for healthcare in 1995 for vision correction and hair removal. Today, lasers provide many treatment options, from tumor removal to general skincare.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be an accessible option for many procedures, depending on your skin condition. With over 2,500 studies in the field, it is considered an effective treatment option because of its non-invasive nature. 

While there is generally more than one laser therapy session, it does not carry the same risks or side effects as medications. The following are some of the unexpected benefits of laser therapy.

Hair Removal


There can be many reasons someone might want to remove their body hair, such as for aesthetic purposes or even to address health concerns. Aesthetically and functionally, hair removal on your face can reduce time spent shaving or getting waxes. 

Laser hair removal also saves money on shaving creams, razors, or temporary hair removal services. On the side of health concerns, some people are more prone than others to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs on the face can impact the quality of life by causing infections and scarring.

Skin Discoloration

Healthcare providers can correct many types of skin discoloration with laser therapy. Angiomas, melasma, rosacea, scars, sunspots, and striae (stretch marks) are all conditions that may cause unevenness in skin tone on someone’s face. 

While many of these occurrences are not life-threatening, there is something to be said about how one’s appearance can impact their mental health. This statement is especially true for those whose appearance might have changed from one of these conditions, such as melasma happening during or after pregnancy. However, many of these conditions can see improvement in the first one or two sessions of laser therapy.

Healing on a Cellular Level

While some lasers have associations with being destructive, lasers in medicine can promote healing on a cellular level; for instance, with laser therapy, new blood vessels form faster, and collagen production kicks into high gear in the treated area. In addition, with laser stimulation, cells can work harder to shorten recovery time. When healing happens on a cellular level, it reduces pain and inflammation in deep tissues and creates more vital skin cells to prevent damage in the future.

Is Laser Therapy Right For Me?

Skincare and skin resurfacing done by lasers are becoming more accessible. As a result, laser therapy and skin resurfacing are becoming widespread treatment options for various issues.

Once you start a laser regimen, we recommend completing it within the set time frame for maximum results. As with any procedure, results and applications will vary from person to person. If you’re in the Long Island, New York area and curious about laser therapy, we welcome you to schedule an appointment online or call us at 631-482-9880. We’ll discuss your goals and create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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